Airport Parking

Airport parking is an essential part of many people’s travel arrangements – whether you’re going on holiday or a business trip.

Most airports have their own car parks and it is normally possible to turn up without booking and use this facilities. However, this tends to be the most expensive way to park. In addition to the airports’ own car parks, there are now a large number of airport car parking companies who have parking sites a short distance away from all popular airports.

These offer a number of benefits:

Much lower cost.

Free transfer services to and from the airport.

Valet parking service is often included.

High levels of security.

Off-site airport car parking tends to be run by different companies at each airport and many larger airports, such as Heathrow, have multiple car parking companies in the vicinity.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular UK airport car parks:

Heathrow Airport car parks

Gatwick Airport car parks (long stay and short stay)

Teesside Airport parking

Stansted Airport car park

Humberside Airport parking

East Midlands Airport car parking

Bristol Airport parking

Manchester Airport parking

Luton Airport parking

Birmingham Airport parking

Off-site airport car parks usually offer much lower rates than airport car parks and normally provide free transfer services to the airport’s terminal buildings. They often provide free valet parking services, too, which makes the car parks very secure – only car park staff can get access to the cars. Valet parking is great as it saves you the hassle of navigating around a huge car park to find that last space when you are in a rush to get to the airport. To be honest, using valets to park cars also allows the airport car parking companies to fit more cars into a smaller parking area, helping them cut costs – and pass on these lower charges to you.