Pre-Book Airport Parking And Cut Costs

The era of low-cost airlines has got us all used to saving money when travelling abroad – and given the prices that some of the budget airlines charge, your car hire can be more expensive than your airline ticket!

While there isn’t much I can do about that, there is one area where it’s easy to make big savings by simply booking ahead: Airport Parking.

Airport parking is pretty much essential if you are planning to drive your own car to your departure airport and leave it there while you’re away. The problem is the cost. It’s easy enough to turn up at most airports and park in the airport’s official car park – without any pre-booking or planning. However, your bank manager may not thank you for it when you get home.

A far better solution is to pre-book your airport parking so that you don’t have to pay the top whack rate that’s charged to drive-in customers.

Pre-booking also gives you access to more car parks – some of which are a little further away from the airport but much cheaper. These usually include a free courtesy bus transfer service to get you to the airport, so aren’t really any more inconvenient than most airport car parks (you need to use a bus at some of these, too!).

Websites such as Park and Go search through a large number of airport car parking operators to find the best available dealers, including any discounts that are available for pre-bookers.

For example, I’ve just got a quote for a 7 days’ parking* at East Midlands Airport:

  • East Midlands Airparks Service: £26.40 (5 minutes from airport, 24-hour security, transfer included)
  • Prestige On Airport Parking: £44.99 (on-site at the airport, Park Mark Safer Parking Award holder)

That’s right – the on-site airport car park is nearly double the cost of the off-site airport car park. Any ideas which one I should choose? True – you might save a few minutes with the on-airport car park – but by leaving home a few minutes earlier, you could save £22. Seems a good deal to me.

For more information and instant online quotes and bookings, visit the Park and Go website now.

*Quote for 4th March – 11th March 2010. Prices change regularly and your results will vary.

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