Airport Transfers – A Beginner’s Guide

Picking up a hire car at the airport is a common scenario – whether you are on a fly-drive holiday or a business trip that requires you to get travel independently.

Much of the time, it’s possible to pickup your hire car directly at the airport terminal – either at the in-terminal car hire branch or via a pre-booked airport pickup arrangement.

Sometimes, however, neither of these arrangements are possible. In these situations, you have two options:

  • Make your way independently to your car hire office – via public transport or taxi
  • Use a pre-booked airport transfer service

Public transport might seem cheaper at first glance – but when you account for the time, hassle and general inconvenience, it starts to look much less attractive.

Local taxis can be useful – but in some locations you will have a language barrier and taxi drivers are not always scrupulously honest in such cases, sometimes bumping up your fair to take advantage of the ‘rich tourist’.

An pre-booked airport transfer is often the best solution. The cost will be fixed in advance, you will be met at the airport by someone who already knows where you are going and you can be sure that you will get the service you need, when you need it.

One such service is Although it has a UK focus, you can specify pickup and dropoff locations in countries all over the world and can specify different levels of service – from executive transfer down to shared transfer. (Please note I have no connection with and have not used its services, I have just used it as an illustrative example.)

Next time you need to arrange an airport transfer, why not consider it? You could remove a large portion of hassle from your journey at a relatively modest cost.

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