Always specify your flight number for airport car hire – here’s why

When booking a hire car for collection at an airport, you will often be required to provide your flight number. Make sure you provide it, or it could cost you dearly – as this story in the Birmingham Mail illustrates.

In this case, the customer’s flight was delayed, resulting in the car hire company’s airport office being closed for the night when she arrived. She then had to take a taxi to her hotel and another taxi to return to the airport the following day and collect her hire car – hardly a dream start to a holiday.

However, this whole situation could have been avoided had the customer provided her flight number. The hire car was booked through Holiday Autos, whose spokesman told the Birmingham Mail that “Had the flight details been added, the car rental desk would have waited for the customers’ arrival.”

As no flight details had been provided (it’s optional, not compulsory), Holiday Autos had simply found a the cheapest supplier that was open at the times specified by the customer.

Although it must have been a frustrating experience, you can’t really criticse Holiday Autos – they ask for flight details and just take your times on trust if you don’t provide them. Their whole business model is based on providing the cheapest quote – and customers would soon complain if they were paying extra for 24-hour availability when they hadn’t asked for it.

The lesson here is always provide your flight details when booking airport car hire – it really does pay.

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