No Hire Car Available – Even Though You’ve Booked?

How’s this for a frustrating scenario?

You arrive at a foreign airport and head to the car rental counter to pick up your pre-booked car.

The rental company staff tell you they have run out of cars and they won’t be able to help you. Sorry.

Blood pressure rising, you chase round all of the other car rental companies in the airport and eventually manage to rent a car – although you are now running several hours late and having to pay more than you budgeted…

If you aren’t sure how you would handle this situation, check out this article on It turns out that most large companies’ standard operating procedure is to help you find another car – even if it has to be hired on your behalf from a competitor.

Don’t take a refusal from the counter staff – ask to see a manager and politely but firmly request that they honour your reservation and arrange a car for you.

In a way, I can sympathise with car hire companies who overbook their cars – given how many customer no-shows they get, they don’t really have much choice. The important thing is how they handle it when things don’t go to plan.

As always, however, you will be in a stronger position if you understand how the system works, which I hope I have helped you to do.

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