Car Hire A-Z – The Essential Guide To Car Hire

I came across The A to Z of car hire in The Independent at the weekend. It’s definitely worth a read and has some genuinely useful tips. Author Simon Calder is a well known travel writer and knows his stuff.

My favourite tip is T, for Thirty – the number of miles you can drive in most cars before the fuel needle starts to drop. This is useful knowledge if you need to return a hire car with a full tank.

I would take issue with one of Simon’s points, however. He reckons that car rental companies only ask to see the counterpart (paper part) of your UK driving licence in Northern Ireland. Although I don’t have as much experience of hiring cars as he does, my experience is that there are a few other European countries where you might be asked for it, too, including all parts of the UK, not just Northern Ireland.

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