Car Hire Abroad: Some Handy Tips from Which?

Hiring a car abroad is pretty much the same as doing it in when you’re at home. Except it isn’t quite.

Different language.

(Slightly) Different rules of the road.

Vehicles with the steering wheel on the opposite side to normal.

And so on…

Consumer organisation Which? have recognised that there can be a few pitfalls when hiring a car abroad and published this useful guide to hiring a car abroad.

While this is a sensible and helpful guide, I would point out that you shouldn’t exaggerate the potential problems. Most of them apply when you are at home, too and it really is just a case of being careful and checking everything that needs checking. The only things that can make it harder abroad are language difficulties and unfamiliar geographic surroundings.

Don’t let the fear of problems put you off renting, however. Like so many things, the vast majority of people do it without any problems whatsoever, but you only hear about the tiny minority of people who did have problems.

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