How To Use Car Hire Comparison To Beat Rental Age Restrictions

Many people don’t look any further than price when comparing car rental quotes on a website such as

That can be a big mistake.

Prices between competitive quotes often only differ by a few pounds. Everyone likes a good deal, but let’s be honest; spending an extra fiver on several day’s car rental won’t make much difference to most people.

What will make a difference is being unable to rent a car. For example, are you:

Under 25?

Over 70?

Newly qualified?

All of these factors can cause some rental companies to refuse to rent to you or to charge you costly extra fees, such as the legendary ‘young driver surcharge’.

This is where car hire comparison sites really come into their own. Not only can you compare price and availability – you can also compare minimum and maximum rental ages, driving licence requirements, insurance excess amounts and much more.

For example, some major companies only require you to have held a full licence for 1 year and be over 21 years of age. Others require you to have held a full drivers license for three years and be over 25 years of age.

Pretty big difference, isn’t it?

Compare Car Hire Rental Conditions

While some car hire companies like to bury their terms and conditions away, we like to make everything 100% clear at the quote stage.

To see individual rental conditions for each vehicle in your quote results, all you have to do is click on the Rental Conditions above the price for each car:

A popup window will then appear with a comprehensive list of terms and conditions – to see more detail, just click on the each heading:

Car Rental terms and conditions

I hope this has been useful. It’s very important to look further than the headline price when comparing car hire and hopefully this post will have shown you how easy it is to access all the information you need to consider when hiring a car.

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