Ski Car Hire – Make Sure You Get Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are not automatically fitted to all hire cars in Europe, even in locations where they might be required by law on some roads. To make matters worse, even in countries like Austria where they are a legal requirement, you will probably still have to pay extra for them when hiring a car!

Car hire companies do things like this to keep their quoted rates as low as possible – but it is a bit frustrating.

Ski Car Hire – Request Winter Tyres

If you are hiring a car for a ski trip, you should make sure that your booking includes a request for winter tyres (also described as snow tyres). If you don’t do this, you may find that your car doesn’t have them. It will be dangerous and possibly illegal to drive into most mountain areas without them, even if it is safe and legal down in the valleys, where car hire offices are usually located.

With our car hire booking system, winter tyres are available as an option in the Special Equipment options. Once you have chosen your car, you will be able to specify which additional options you want. You may find that snow tyres have already been selected, as in this screenshot, which I took from a quote for car hire at Geneva Airport:

Snow tyres can be selected=

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