Travelling with Children – A Car Driver’s Advice

It may be a cliche but it’s still true – long car journeys with children can be extremely hard work (for adults) and boring (for children)!

While many people now seem to take the ‘seat-back DVD player’ route to try and keep their children quiet on long journeys, there are other options that will keep your children occupied at without the cost and hassle of an electronic solution.

Here are some links to websites offering ideas for games and other activities to keep children occupied on long journeys:

Of course, however well entertained your children are, regular breaks are essential for them to stretch their legs and visit the toilet – and for you to prevent tiredness.

The Department for Transport recommends taking a break every two hours on long journeys. This will help prevent your concentration dropping off and reduce the risk of drowsiness. Remember that a quick coffee followed by fifteen minutes inspecting the inside of your eyelids can really help if you are feeling a little tired.

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