What Size Car Hire Do You Need?

Hire companies all over the world group their hire cars into fairly standard groups – such as ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Full Size’. The problem is that these don’t have the same meaning in different countries – most notably there are differences between the UK & Europe, Australia and the USA & Canada.

Row of hire cars

At CarHirePlace.com, we understand this difficulty and have already published a ‘What Size Car Guide‘ to help you understand the car rental companies’ descriptions of size and luggage capacity.

However, you can’t have too much good information, and The Car Hire Insider (an Australian website) has just published an even better guide focusing on Australian car hire sizes but including examples of equivalent cars in the UK and the USA.

They’ve even indicated which cars will fit a fifth person but “will be more comfortable without” – an experience most people who’ve travelled in the back seats of European-size cars will be familiar with.

You can check out the Car Hire Insider’s guide to Australian Rental Car Models here – it’s well worth a read if you aren’t sure how car sizes are described in different countries.

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