Why You Should Prebook Your Holiday Car Hire

If you are planning a trip abroad this year and have not decided whether to hire a car or not, it may be worth deciding on car hire and booking a rental car before you go.

Here’s why.

  1. Cost
  2. Availability
  3. Simplicity


Booking in advance is often cheaper – the hire company gets some or all of your money in advance and has guaranteed demand for its cars. This means that they can let you have the car for a little less than if you walk in off the street to book a car (not always true, but often).


This summer has seen unprecedented demand for hire cars in popular holiday locations such as Spain. The reason for this is that the global economic downturn has resulted in many car rental companies reducing the size of their fleets – meaning less slack in low season but extremely high demand for available cars in high season.

There have been plenty of car hire companies that have been fully booked this summer – if you leave booking a hire car until you arrive, you may be disappointed.


While foreign car hire offices are usually pretty helpful and many speak English, this is not always true and booking a rental car in a foreign language can be difficult.

Booking in advance means that you can complete the booking online, in English, and know that your chosen car will be waiting for you when you arrive – all you will have to do is sign a few forms and take the keys. It’s much simpler than trying to arrange a hire car from scratch.

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