Car Hire Excess Insurance

Although car insurance companies will provide you with all the insurance you legally require to drive their cars, if you don’t take any extra insurance you will be left with a large excess to pay if anything goes wrong.

On top of that, car hire companies’ insurance often does not provide cover for damage to your car’s tyres, glass or underbody.

To be fair, you can usually choose to make an extra daily payment to upgrade the insurance so that the excess you have to pay is reduced, sometimes to zero. The only problems with this approach are that it is often costly, and some parts of the car (tyres and glass especially) may still not be covered.

One solution to this problem is to take out car hire excess insurance. This will refund your excess payment in the event of damage to your rental car. Excess insurance usually also covers areas like tyres and glass, which are normally excluded from rental company insurance.

Two of the best-known companies offering excess insurance with global coverage are: