Avis Launches UK Weekend Car Hire Offers – from £15/day

My wife and I realised recently that we have hardly seen any of the UK – compared to the time, effort and money we have spent travelling around Europe.

I suspect that many of you might find the same thing. The UK automatically gets tarred with the “boring, bad weather” brush and we all head off to France and Italy.

A recent family trip to the Yorkshire Dales forced me to reconsider that attitude and car rental giant Avis is obviously of the same mind. It has just launched ‘Weekend Inspiration’ – a special offer aimed at encouraging people to hire a car for the weekend in the UK.

It’s a great way of making a weekend away a little more special (perhaps even romantic…) – not to mention saving you having to worry about your old car making it in one piece.

The best bit is the price – from just £15 per day*.

These deals are available at Avis branches all over the UK – to find out more and get an instant quote, visit their website.

*Price based on economy car hire for three day weekend rental in June. Subject to T&Cs.

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