Car Hire Firms Increasing Prices for Christmas?

This report from Ireland suggests that some car rental companies are increasing their prices over the Christmas period – profiting from people who need to rent at this time and can’t change their dates to get cheaper bookings.

Of course, there is no regulation on car hire prices and rental firms are free to charge as much as they like if they have sufficient demand. The important thing for you, as a hirer, is to make sure that you get the very best deal available.

That’s when being able to compare car hire quotes is really valuable. Here at, our car rental booking system compares quotes from up to 450 suppliers in 134 countries around the world (including 23 locations in Ireland, such as Dublin Airport).

By doing this, we can offer some of the most competitve car hire quotes on the internet – and give you one of the widest choices of locations and vehicles possible.

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