Electric Car Hire – Demand High From Corporate Customers

One of the world’s largest car hire firms, Hertz, has reported that it is experiencing very high levels of demand for electric car rental from its corporate customers.

Hertz says that although demand for electric car rental from retail customers is steady, it is corporate demand that is really driving the growth of the service. For corporate customers, electric car hire is an easy way to reduce organisational CO2 emissions and meet environmental targets.

It is also the case that most corporate journeys are pre-planned to a certain extent, meaning that drivers can choose electric cars knowing that charging facilities will be available. Currently, Hertz offers three electric car models – the Chevrolet Volt, the Nissan Leaf, and Smart Electric Drive (not all models may be available in all locations).

Hertz currently has 50 electric cars for hire in London, New York, Washington and San Francisco but says it would need to increase its electric fleet to 2,000 – 3,000 cars to meet demand. Hertz is already planning to roll out electric car hire in new locations such as Shanghai this year and says it hopes that car manufacturers will be able to supply enough electric cars to meet this high level of demand.

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