Europe Car Hire Costs FALLING!

Although the cost of car hire in America is rising, it seems that the opposite is happening in Europe. That’s right. In many European countries, car rental rates are falling.

According to the Post Office Travel Services Motoring on the Continent Report 2009, car rental costs in many European countries are lower than this time last year. For example:

  • Greece car hire costs down by 36%
  • Sweden car hire costs down by 32%
  • Portugal car hire costs down by 21%
  • Portugal is also the cheapest place to hire a car in Europe

One of the biggest surprises to me was that the UK rated as the second-cheapest place in Europe to hire a car – with only Portugal coming in cheaper.

Heading to Florida?

Any heading across the Atlantic for some Florida sun will be in for an expensive shock. Rising US costs and a weaker pound mean that the cost of car rental in Florida has risen by a whopping 64% since this time last year. Ouch.

Note: Car hire costs were calculated based on a 3-day hire with 200 miles of motoring. Figures published by Post Office Travel Services.

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