Car Hire – a.k.a. How To Drive Green For Less

A lot of people can quite honestly say that they would love to own and drive a more environmentally-friendly car – but they simply can’t afford to change their current car. I know that’s true for me.

However, one solution for light car users who live in towns and cities is not to own a car at all – something I’m quite keen on! Car hire companies are making this easier and easier for ordinary mortals by increasingly offering free delivery and collection services and the like.

Several car hire companies are now also offering special low-emission ranges of rental cars. Two such companies are Hertz (with its Green Collection) and Avis (with its Avis Eco Collection). Both offer genuinely low emission cars – such as the Toyota Prius, VW Golf Bluemotion and the Seat Ibiza Ecomotive – available for hire – at very ordinary rates.

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