Hertz Commits To Electric Rental Cars

Fancy trying an electric car without having to buy one? You may soon be able to rent one from one of the biggest names in car hire.

Hertz has committed to introduce electric cars to selected rental fleets in the USA this autumn and in Europe by 2011. One of the first models used is likely to be the Nissan Leaf, which is one of the first 100% electric cars to hit the mainstream market.

Hertz hopes that by making such cars available to the public to try, it will enable a much wider range of drivers to try electric cars than would otherwise be the case. This should hopefully encourage greater take-up of these models – a percentage of the drivers who rent an electric model will decide that they would like to buy one. Without the chance to use an electric car uninterrupted for several days, they might not be able to make this decision.

Hertz’s relatively large-scale purchases of electric cars will also help support the manufacture and development of current and future models, helping car manufacturers to accelerate the development of future models.

Hertz’s electric car hire scheme is due to launch in the US this autumn and in Europe in 2011.

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