Olympic Car Hire – Book Now For Cheapest Rates

Are you planning on visiting the UK during the 2012 London Olympics (27 July-12 Aug 2012)?

If you will need to hire a car, then early booking is essential – especially if you want to get the cheapest possible rates.

Car Hire Demand ‘Sky High’

The south-east of England will have tens of thousands more visitors than usual – and many of these will need independent transport so will want to hire a car. Even if you are not attending the Olympics, you could still get caught out by the extra demand for hotels, car hire, van hire and airline tickets.

If you will be visiting the UK between the 27th July 2012 and 12th August 2012 and will need to hire a car, we’d recommend starting now with a quote from our car hire booking system, which searches all the major car hire suppliers in London and the UK – click here to get started.

Van Hire Shortages Expected

UK businesses and visitors needing to hire a van should also plan ahead.

Van hire companies are forecasting that there will be a shortage of hire vans in and around London during the Olympic period, which also coincides with the annual busy season for van hire.

If you will need hire vans during the Olympic period, try VanRental.co.uk for a van hire quote.

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