Prescription Sunglasses + Driving = Comfort

I have always needed glasses for driving, but until last year had never purchased a pair of prescription sunglasses. This meant that driving in bright conditions sometimes resulted in hours of squinting against the glare. Last summer, I finally decided to do something about this and buy a pair of prescription sunglasses.

The results were amazing. Driving with sunglasses on is so much more relaxing and comfortable than managing without. I chose a pair of sunglasses with a light-grey tint to the lenses. The results are perfect:

  • A grey tint keeps colours looking natural and accurate
  • Having only a light tint means that I can still see well in shadows, short tunnels and when the sun goes behind a cloud
  • I chose a fairly wide, wraparound design of frame – so I don’t get any glare from the sides and have a wide field of vision without turning my head.

I can’t recommend it highly enough – even on the brightest of days, my sunglasses remove all of the glare and just leave me with a clear, neutral view of the road ahead – without distorting colours or being too dark.

My prescription sunglasses for driving are without a doubt one of the best purchases I have ever made.

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