Trade Secrets Help Private Sellers Get Top Used Car Prices

With the cost of motoring seemingly on a never-ending journey upwards – 19% up from 2007, according to a new RAC survey – it’s more important than ever to know how to present your car well when you are selling it. Secondhand car values are falling and the cars realising the best prices are those that have good specs and are presented well.

With that in mind, the Avis valet team recently shared some of their trade secrets for removing awkward stains and marks from vehicles. It’s safe to assume that valeters for a large car rental company will have seen every type of cleaning problem under then sun, so what did they advise?

  • Mayonnaise – as well as being great on chips, mayonnaise is apparently also good at removing tar from paintwork or tyres
  • Similarly, try cooking oil for brake dust, bird droppings and stubborn squashed flies
  • On the inside, baking soda works well on all sorts of marks – just leave it for 20 minutes – and ice cubes are essential when it comes to removing chewing gum.

To learn more about these and other tips, check out the full article over at Fleet News.

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